Staff Spotlight – Kourtney Nichols

When did you start teaching here at Bear Creek Academy?

What were you doing before then?
I was at Longwood getting my degree in Special Education and my first year at BCA I was finishing up my Masters. Before that I interned at Faison School in Richmond, VA.

Which classes do you teach?
English. I’m certified to teach History but I haven’t done that since my first year. English 6-12 or any Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum.

What are some of your favorite things about BCA?
The community, family feeling that we have. The ability to build relationships with the students and work one on one. That the importance is on the student learning the skills they need vs. just learning to take a test.

How have you grown as a professional since starting here?
Oh gosh, a lot. The ability to actually grow and take feedback and be able to apply it. The ability to also be flexible when lesson plans don’t go the way I thought they would. I have really improved my differentiation abilities, doing one thing with a student, another with another student and feeling successful with both at the same time.

How has BCA impacted your life?
It gives me a positive atmosphere that no matter what is going on I can come here and know that I can help others and give. When I see students grow, that is amazing. I look forward to coming here everyday, there has never been a day I didn’t want to come. Maybe some rough days, but never a time I didn’t want to come.

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