Academic Program

Students learning the coordinate plane interactively.

Our Academic Program centers on strengthening our students’ academic foundations by filling in the missing gaps in learning from previous years and then building a history of academic success upon that newly solidified foundation. By maintaining small class sizes and taking the time to develop strong interpersonal relationships between teacher and student, our students acquire confidence in their ability to learn and begin to realize how valuable an education is for their future. In addition, students with attention deficits and other behavioral issues are taught strategies to help them maintain focus and/or manage their emotions and behaviors, which positively impacts their ability to learn and retain academic knowledge.

Elective and Skill-Building Courses

BCA offers several CTE courses to assist students in meeting high school graduation requirements.

Bear Creek Academy offers additional elective and basic skills coursework that is tailored to suit the interests and specific needs of the student body. Course offerings have included character education, food service, computer information systems, personal finance, web design, and computer programming. In addition to regular classes, individual students have had the opportunities to work one-on-one with our teachers to help build basic skills in mathematics and English.

Creative Arts

Art classes allow students to develop and express their creativity.

Bear Creek Academy believes that a well-rounded student requires not only instruction in core academics, but also ample opportunities to explore and develop their creativity. Students in both middle and high school have access to several courses in the creative arts and are encouraged to explore the various creative outlets available to them. Course offerings have included instruction in a wide variety of fine arts, art history, web and graphic design, and creative writing.