BCA Cycling Team


Studies have shown that physical exercise has benefits beyond simple physiological fitness, including improved mood, better cognitive functioning, and increased self-esteem, and improved behavior. For many of our students, being on the team has the potential to help them turn their lives around in a positive direction.


Good sportsmanship and fair play is at the core of everything our team does, from team practice to races. Students are taught the rules of competitive mountain biking and are expected to set the example of fairness both on the team and during the school day.


All youth have a need to play and have fun. While our team competes in the Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series, our primary focus is not on winning, but on the fun of mountain biking and the enjoyment of racing. Student success is not based on race performance but through the achievement of personal milestones.

Meet the Coach

Bear Creek Acacdemy mountain bike coach Jordan WhileyJordan Whiley is our school administrator and coaches the school’s mountain bike team. In addition to over 20 years of education experience, Jordan has been an amateur competitive cyclist since 1998. He is currently a USAC licensed racer, coach, and race promoter, and has been coaching cyclists since 2010.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We don’t think cost should prevent our students from participating on the team. Therefore, our goal is to provide each student that wishes to participate with the bicycle and all the clothing and equipment they need to participate safely. We also pay for all the USAC racing licenses, race entry fees, and other associated costs required to participate in the Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series.

There are two ways for potential sponsors to assist us in supporting the mountain bike team – through equipment sponsorship or through monetary support.

Equipment Sponsors

Equipment sponsors have the benefit of spectators and competitors seeing their brand being used by our team at each of the 6 Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series events. In addition, equipment sponsor logos are included in any team promotional literature. Equipment sponsors receive thanks in all team news published in our school newsletter or on our web site. Beyond the direct marketing benefits, equipment sponsors benefit from the goodwill attached to providing a special opportunity for at-risk students to participate in the sport of mountain biking.

Financial Sponsors

Financial sponsors willing to fully fund the purchase of our team uniforms  receive their business logo or name placed on the side panel of the team shorts or jersey. Additional logo placement options are available on the front right chest, back of shorts, or jersey pockets for financial sponsors willing to cover the cost of license and race entry fees, non-sponsored equipment, or financial contributions to support operating expenses such as travel. Financial sponsor logos are included in any team promotional literature and sponsors receive thanks in all team news published in our school newsletter or on our web site.

For more information or to become a sponsor, send us an e-mail