Bear Creek Academy

Private Special Education Day School for Students with Disabilities

Personal Empowerment Program (PEP)

personal empowerment programThe Personal Empowerment Program (PEP) is an opportunity for students to build self-worth and internalize positive behaviors. Depending upon their grade level, students may earn from 3 to 9 patches signifying important milestones in their personal growth. Each patch brings with it both privileges and responsibilities. Students earn their patches by both following school expectations and by accomplishing personal goals.

Behavioral Support

To address the additional needs of our students who have behavioral difficulties, our therapeutic advocates work in tandem with teachers in the classroom to facilitate problem solving, management of emotions, and learning social skills. In a combination of individual support and a positive peer culture students learn to cope with emotions and are encouraged to self-monitor their own behaviors. Alternative education classes and special groups teach skills in identifying and communicating feelings.

Character Education

Bear Creek Academy's character education curriculum focuses on teaching and modeling core values that comprise good character, such as honesty, patience, courage, acceptance, responsibility, compassion, respect, and commitment. Through group activities and interactive lessons, students learn to problem solve together, increasing their sense of ownership and investment in each other as a community of peers. With adult guidance, students are encouraged to support each other and assist each other with solving interpersonal conflicts and making responsible decisions.