Bear Creek Academy

Private Special Education Day School for Students with Disabilities

AWE - Adventurers with Enthusiasm

adventure based programming and experiential educationRichard Warren, our mentor and a pioneer in working with at-risk youth, once said, "Be an adventurer with enthusiasm." He understood that life was an adventure filled with many challenges, trials, and tribulations. To see life as an adventure rather than a checklist was Mr. Warren's basic rule of thumb for students and for the adults working with them.

At Bear Creek Academy, we strive to model this idea by making adventure-based programming and challenge courses a significant part of our educational program. This year's AWE Program has featured two trips to an Alpine Tower to experience high-ropes climbing; day hiking trips to the top of Spy Rock and to Crabtree Falls; several nature hikes through the Cumberland State Forest; fishing at Bear Creek Lake State Park; and learning canoeing skills on Bear Creek Lake. Students at Bear Creek Academy are not only meeting educational goals - they are also re-connecting with the natural world and being prepared for the great adventure called life!

Bear Creek Acacdemy mountain biking team

BCA Mountain Bike Club

Engaging youth in athletic pursuits has been shown to improve students' self-confidence, reduce behavioral problems in the classroom, increase academic performance, and provide a positive outlet for emotional conflicts. All of these outcomes are of particular importance to our students, who struggle every day with problematic behaviors, poor academic performance, and difficulties at home.

The Bear Creek Academy mountain biking club is an extension of our central mission. Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to learn how to work as a team, practice sportsmanship and self-discipline, and gain an appreciation for the sport of cycling and for outdoor recreation.

Health & Physical Education

health and physical education and recreationDaily physical activity plays an important role in sustaining emotional and psychological well-being. Students have regular health & wellness education in addition to frequent opportunities for structured recreation. Brief activity breaks during academic instruction periods allow students to find creative and positive outlets for their energy, thereby reducing disruptive behaviors and improving focus in the classroom.